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>> Artículos de la Edición de Septiembre,  2010


Resilient Latin American Insurance Market Provides Ample Growth Opportunities

Despite the global economic recession in 2009, the environment improved considerably throughout the year, thinks Oliver Futterknecht , Economist, Swiss Re Economic Research & Consulting and Assistant Vice President Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd.

Risk Management and Liability Regimes: Two Faces of the Same Coin?

In the following two articles, The Geneva Association examines two challenges to insurers – regulatory reform in the wake of the credit crisis and the ongoing challenges in liability insurance. With many highly influential international bodies preparing the next draft of systemic risk regulation, Patrick M. Liedtke asks why insurance is so poorly represented in those bodies. In liability insurance, Richard H. Murray looks at the growth and developments in liability law across the globe and highlights potential implications for the liability insurance business.

BP and the Gulf of Mexico Well Blowout

In this article about the April 20 explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the first event of its type in the oil industry Capt. Terry Robinson MM, MSA, CIP Regional Director (Abu Dhabi) for Global Marine & Energy Loss Adjusters LLC holds that no one is best suited than British Petroleum to deal with the problem, not even the U.S. Government .

Global Climate Change and its Impacts on Mega Cities

In February 2010 Buenos Aires received approx. 80% of the average February precipitation within four days resulting in heavy flooding in Argentina’s capital. Some streets turned into torrents of water and people had to move along ropes which were set up, many damages occurred to enterprises and residential homes. Are such events an indication of climate change? And if so, what is the scientific concept of global climate change about? And what might this mean for mega cities like Buenos Aires? Dr. Eberhard Faust, Head of Research: Climate Change and Natural Hazards Munich Re, informs.

Audits/Inspections in Preparing for Commutations

Depending upon the type of business involved -short v. long tail and the quality of their reinsurers- financially impaired or strong, cedants will be more or less willing to consider a commutation. Nevertheless, once they have accepted that a commutation of their outwards reinsurance is, in principle, in their interest, they have to be ready to be audited, state Hubertus Labes, Managing Director of Chiltington International GmbH and Member of the Executive Board of Chiltington International Holding and Russell Green, Head of Claims at Chiltington International Ltd.

IAIS and Systemic Risk

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), commented on the situation of insurance business regarding the systemic risk. The following is a summary of the four central points of the “Declaration on the institutional position taken on the item financial stability”, dated June 4, 2010.

SystemAgro: Sustainable Crop Insurance as a Response to Climate Change

In this article, Gonzalo Chillado Biaus, Agriculture & Livestock Risk Manager with Münchener de Argentina Servicios Técnicos SRL, comments on some specific issues facing crop insurance, and offers details on “SystemAgro”, the tool offered by Munich Re.

Twenty Years Reinsuring Risks in Argentina

In this interview, Alberto Ávila, CEO of MAPFRE Re Argentina, notes that in the latest renewal period that extended throughout June and July, international reinsurance terms and prices for argentine risks suffered no major changes. Additionally, the executive raised his concern regarding the